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Why I Became A Dentist: Dr. Karl Oppenheim's Story

Posted Feb 13th, 2017

Why I Became A Dentist: Dr. Karl Oppenheim's Story

Dr. Karl Oppenheim's journey into dentistry begins in the Phillipines and continues onto Peachland, BC. 

My educational journey began in the Philippines.

My mother was a teacher and my father was an accountant. Together, my parents were determined to teach me the value of education to both my older sister, Eunice, and myself. Eunice was a brilliant child who excelled in school, while I loved to play in the sugar cane fields. Each night before bed, my father would sit us down and instill the values of hard work, persistence and what it means to be successful.

Shortly after I finished the fifth grade, my parents decided to share some life changing news: we were moving to Canada!

Welcome to Winnipeg, Manitoba!

Life changing indeed! Eunice and I, along with our two little sisters, were very excited to begin our education in Canada. Of course, language, culture and snow were challenges. My father encouraged us every step of the way. I knew in my heart that I had an opportunity to become a successful young man and I was determined. As luck would have it, Eunice and I were both gifted in math and science. Eunice graduated at the top of her class, winning the Governor Generals Award. She set the bar rather high. I settled to Valedictorian and joined my sister at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Science.

Before long, my sister was accepted into Medicine and I was accepted into Dentistry. Our parents were overjoyed and our younger sisters, Eugene and Gretchen, were inspired.

An exciting new chapter in my life was beginning. In my second year of Dental School, I met the love of my life, Jennifer. Jen was a Dental Hygiene student at the University. We finished school together and have worked side by side ever since. We both share a love of dentistry and are proud to be a party of the exceptional team at Peachland Dental Centre.

There is no greater joy then sharing my father’ inspiring words with our two beautiful children, Kristian and Katharine.

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