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Why I Became A Dentist: Dr. Jeff Krawchuk's Story

Posted Mar 13th, 2017 in dentist blog

Why I Became A Dentist: Dr. Jeff Krawchuk's Story

Dr. Jeff Krawchuk always was drawn to the health sciences and was eager to learn. Read more about how he became one of your favourite Peachland dentists! 

I didn’t choose the field of dentistry until I was in my second year university, but looking back now, the decision was probably made long before that.

Going through school, I always excelled in science-based courses and enjoyed learning how things worked. I liked the challenge of figuring out the processes and mechanics of the body. That foundation steered me towards health sciences, and with the guidance of a family member that owned a dental lab, I focused on dentistry and have never looked back.

I always wanted a career that would keep me interested and excited to come to work every day. Dentistry was that answer.

Each day is different than the last and each patient that I get to see is unique. It is very rewarding to see transformations in people when creating a healthy and beautiful smile, and it is always satisfying to be able to help patients in times of need.

I am happy to call Peachland my home and to be able to experience the beauty of the Okanagan doing what I love.

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