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Our dentists at Peachland Dental in the Okanagan Valley offer FASTBRACES® to help correct orthodontic issues such as gapped or crowded teeth, faster than with traditional metal or ceramic braces.

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Fastbraces, Okanagan Valley Dentist

What are Fastbraces?

Whereas traditional braces treatment consists of an initial period to move the visible portions of the teeth, followed by a second treatment period to adjust the positions of tooth roots, Fastbraces perform both functions right from the start of your treatment.

Using innovative redesigned brackets and wires similar to traditional braces, combined with advanced subsonic wave and phototherapy treatment sessions Fastbraces can help you achieve a straighter smile faster.

Fastbraces Appliances

While the Fastbraces appliances may look like traditional metal or ceramic braces, this unique bracket system consists of redesigned low profile brackets paired with light force flexible wires. 

Fastbraces technology straightens teeth safely and quickly by providing immediate tooth root movement right from day one of your treatment.

Fastbraces Treatments

The Fastbraces subsonic and phototherapy sessions help to accelerate tooth movement through the stimulation of cells which breakdown old bone and aid in the formation of new bone.

By stimulating bone activity the patient's dental arches change shape faster, helping to complete the repositioning of the teeth in less time.

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