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Dr. Phil Kachanoski

Dr. Phil Kachanoski is a General Dentist at Peachland Dental in the Okanagan Valley. 

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Dr. Phil Kachanoski, the Okanagan Valley Dentist

Dr. Phil Kachanoski

General Dentist
DMD, University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Phil was born and raised in Yorkton, Saskatchewan where he realized his boyhood dream of playing junior hockey for his home town team the Terriers.

In 1989, as a newly graduated dentist and Canadian Forces Dental Officer he served in Lahr Germany and then commanded Canadian Forces Dental Detachments in Masset BC and Comox BC until 1998 when Dr Phil and his wife and business partner of 18 years, Sue, moved to Peachland.

They partnered with Dr. Phil's University of Saskatchewan dental schoolmate Dr. Don MacRae and his wife Kim to build upon the practice they founded as Peachland Dental Centre in 1993. Phil and Sue have raised two great daughters, Rowen and Emma.

The family enjoys water sports, hiking, biking, travel and volunteering. Dr. Phil is an avid fly fisherman and counts expeditions with his brother to the wild rivers of Labrador chasing Atlantic Salmon as some of his ultimate outdoor experiences.

Ten years of practicing in the Canadian Forces offered Dr. Phil tremendous training opportunities in oral surgery, crowns, bridges and dentures.

"Sue and I chose to locate in Peachland because we loved the setting, the community and the people," says Dr. Phil. "Our girls were born and raised here, it is our home, and my practice is all about bringing the finest care I can to Peachland."

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