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At Peachland Dental Centre, we understand that everyone has unique needs. Whether it's a filling, root canal, teeth whitening or dental implants, our dentists are always ready to help!

Dr. Don McCrae, Peachland Dentist

Dr. Don MacRae

Dr. Don MacRae, is better known as 'Dr. Don' to his patients. > BIO

Dr. Jeff Krawchuk, Peachland Dentist

Dr. Jeff Krawchuk

Dr. Krawchuk received his DDS from the University of Alberta. > BIO

Dr. Peter Cormillot

After growing up in Toronto, Dr. Cormillot moved to BC. > BIO

Dr. Kevin Head

For Dr. Head, dentistry has been a true passion since a young age. > BIO

Doctor Zac Loomer, Peachland Dentist

Dr. Zachary Loomer

Dr. Zachary Loomer grew up in Kelowna and graduated from KSS in 2006. > BIO

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